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Raiders Mission

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The Raiders Hockey Club strives to create a hockey environment that is safe, inclusive and fair with a focus on development, teamwork and sportsmanship for all members. We will anchor ourselves in our core values striving to be exemplary both on and off the ice in the spirit of competition. We are committed to provide a rewarding, fun and positive hockey experience for all while building a culture of success on and off the ice. 

We Are Raider Nation!!!


Raiders Objectives

To build a culture of success through ongoing player

and coach development.

To develop good character among players by demonstrating the value of competition, physical activity, good sportsmanship, social participation and fellowship, and the fair treatment of others.

Raiders Values





Health, Wellness


Board of Directors

Leslie Pakish


Balvinder (Balv) Virdee


Doug Thubron

Vice President On-Ice

Rob Henderson

Vice President Off-Ice

Jeff Jobson



Director of U7-U9/Intro to Hockey

Troy Cleghorn

Director of U11/House League

Brad Loewen

Director of U13

Blaine Balmer

Director of U15

Amanda Davis

Director of U18-U21

Sarah Antony

Director of Ice

Tanya Leukefeld

Director of Volunteers

Nancy Lisi

Director of Communications

Heather Cahill

Director of Equipment

Ryan Hohman

Director of Arena Operations

Jake Turgeon

Director at Large Development

Curtis Calafatis

Director at Large Development

Lynne Cook


Michelle Devnich



Dan Giasson 

Coach Development Coordinator

Ryan Maertens-Poole

U7 Coach Coordinator

Colin Beaman

U9 Coach Coordinator

Ryan Hill

U11 Coach Coordinator

Cam Polski 

U13 Coach Coordinator

Troy Davis 

U15 Coach Coordinator

Travis Rotariu

U18/U21 Coach Coordinator

Corey Lea

Player Development Coordinator

Bryon Calon

Goalie Development Co-Coordinator 1

Curtis Adam

Goalie Development Co-Coordinator 2

Nathalie Vega

Community Liaison & Events Co-Coordinator 1

Katherine Gianfrancesco

Community Liaison & Events Co-Coordinator 2

Ana Kerley

Newsletter Coordinator

Brady Plewright

Social Media Co-Coordinator 2

Nadia Stawarz

Photography Co-Coordinator 1

Cindy Ly

Photography Co-Coordinator 2

Dave Woeckener

Club Level Fundraising Coordinator

Laxx Sidhu

Raiders Support Liaison

Jill Roy

Association Tournament Coordinator

Ashleigh Hoffman

House League Coordinator

Trish Solobay

U7-U11 Manager Mentor Coordinator

Ashley Sawchuk

U13-U21 Manager Mentor Coordinator

Heather Miller

U15/U18 Mentoring Program Coordinator 

Frequently asked questions

Is the new association currently looking for and accepting any corporate sponsorships or donations to help fund development, equipment costs, or other start-up costs?

Yes, we are graciously accepting corporate sponsorships  and donations. If you, or your company are interested in sponsoring or making a donation to the Raiders Hockey Club, please contact our presidents at the following email address: