Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Contact Information Form

For former SVHA members only – if you already have a Volgistics account from last year, you do not need to register again. If you forgot your login and password, send an email to Tanya Leukefeld, Director of Volunteers, at  director-volunteers@raidershc.ca.

For first time registrations – Once the Form has been submitted, an email will be sent to the Director of Volunteers stating that a new volunteer has registered for Volgistics. The Director will then approve the form and after 24 hours, the member is able to access the system and the calendar. There is no “confirmation” email or message that goes out when the Form is submitted. Please follow the instructions in the “Volunteer Database Access Instructions” document.

How to Register for Volgistics

General Information

VicNet is the online portal that allows volunteers to sign up for shifts. Please access Volgistics over the internet using a web browser…


The VicNet – Volunteer Portal App can also be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play to your phone. If volunteers need support, please go to the link below for a tutorial on how to access VicNet…


VicNet shift Sign Up

Volgistics How to access VicNet

VicTouch is a system that is used for all volunteer opportunities as a form of “time clock”. It allows volunteers to sign in when they arrive and sign out when they leave, automatically recording their time as service. This is also where volunteers can go to see their schedules and view their past service history.  Here is a link that helps explain the process for volunteers to follow to get set up and see what the function does…


VicTouch will be set up on tablets that will be present at Raiders events for volunteer sign-in. Signing in will be done using a pin number that can be found on the home page of your Volgisitcs profile. This PIN is what will be used to sign using a tablet at the beginning of the shift and then again at the end of the shift. This will track the association hours and for the Raiders Board of Directors and Coordinators to confirm volunteer attendance. There will also be a “hard” copy sign in/reference sheet at all events as a backup in case the VicTouch system or tablets are not working.

VicTouch step by step

Volgistics How to access VicTouch