2023 Raiders Summer
Development Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Will registration fees go up next year with the formation of a new association?

We are expecting our registration to be in line with fees across Hockey Calgary. With that being said, until we have an accurate number of registrants to determine our ice allocations, we are unable to determine the exact fees. We expect this number to be provided by Hockey Calgary by the third week of May and will have our registration fees set by early June. Our priority and main goal are to keep fees as reasonable as possible for all Raider families. More information to follow.

What will evaluations look like with the amalgamation of two associations?

We are planning to outsource our evaluations this year. We believe this will remove any bias and provide a fair assessment for all players and goalies. We will be starting with Time Trials for the initial placement and then follow a similar process to what each association has been using for their respective evaluations – a mix of skills sessions, small-area games, and full ice games. More information to follow.

What is the plan for goalie evaluations?

Both associations have outsourced goalie evaluations in the past and we are planning to do the same this year. Our plans for goalie evaluations will follow the plan outlined above. More information to follow.

What is the development plan for the new association?

We are planning to step up our development plans this year with both an on-ice and off-ice component. One of the reasons for the amalgamation was for our association to build stronger and competitive teams. A big component of our success will come from development. Although plans have not been finalized, we are looking at all options for player, goalie, and coach development. More information to follow.

What will be the home rinks for the new association?

Vivo and Crowfoot Arena will be the home rinks for the new association. Based on our registration numbers, Hockey Calgary will be providing the remaining ice for our teams at their rinks. We are working with Hockey Calgary to assign “local” arenas such as Murray Copot, Henry Viney, and Stew Hendry. No commitments have been made by Hockey Calgary to date. More information to follow.

What is the plan for practice ice allocation?

We are committed to providing every team equal ice opportunities and are prepared to use all available resources to schedule practices as needed. We have informed Hockey Calgary that we will use 100% of our allotment which will maximize the number of practices for each team, within our budget. We will be using an ice scheduling software called OneClickIce, like many other hockey clubs in Calgary, to ensure that the ice allocations are tracked on a team-by-team basis and remain fair across the association.

Are you planning to host a meeting for the new association?

Yes, we are planning an in-person meeting on Tuesday June 20th at 6:30pm with the location TBD.

More information to follow.

Will there be any Board positions available in the new association?

Any available volunteer roles on the new Board will be announced prior to the June 20th meeting to allow members from both associations equal opportunity to submit nominations in advance. These volunteer Board roles will be voted on at the June 20th meeting. We will also be looking to fill Key Volunteer Roles for the new associations and will be accepting nominations. The Board will be reviewing the nominations and their qualifications before making any decisions to fill the roles.

Is the new association currently looking for and accepting any corporate sponsorships or donations to help fund development, equipment costs, or other start-up costs?

Yes, we are graciously accepting corporate sponsorships and donations. If you, or your company are interested in sponsoring or making a donation to the Raiders Hockey Club, please contact either of the current Presidents at the following email addresses: